When I’m so busy in other areas of my life (mainly work), it’s very difficult to find inspiration for scrapbooking, stamping, painting or any other creative pursuit. I recently decided to pick up paints and brushes for the first time in over a decade. I’ve rediscovered, in a meaningful way, the true definition of “flow” (Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience (P.S.)).

Shutting off the noise in my head created by the rest of my life in the effort to reach flow is challenging for me. One of the reasons the HBO series Californication – Season One
appeals to me is the depiction of the main character’s struggle to find creative inspiration.

I’ve found music is almost essential in the process. Does it trigger the right areas of my brain? I don’t know why it works for me, but it seems to – better than anything else. Amazon has MP3 Download deals every Friday, along with a large selection of free songs.

What works for you? How do you find your flow?