McGill Punches

I own quite a few paper punches. My latest purchase is this one: McGill Punch

I bought it at an Archiver’s store during a ScrapMania night. It jammed the very first time I tried using it. I took it back up to the counter, and asked for any tips to get it working properly again. The associate tried a few different things, then dropped it on the floor. She said they do that quite frequently with punches that really get stuck. Didn’t do anything for this particular punch. They exchanged it for another.  The second one works, but is still very difficult to use.

The other McGill punches I have are pretty small, and I had just assumed the size had a lot to do with the problems I had using them. Wax paper, aluminium foil, the freezer…….. nothing worked on these things. After buying the larger size and having the same problem, I’m convinced the quality of these punches just isn’t up to par with the ones EK Success sells. I’ve never had a problem with any size punch I’ve bought that EK Success marketed.