Scrapping and stamping, oh my!

 Welcome! I plan on using this space to talk about my scrapping and stamping addictions. I know lots of my friends share a similar sickness!

I believe that many people who scrapbook or stamp on a regular basis probably have some of the same addictions I have: collecting too many stamps, buying too much paper, picking up the latest magazines on impulse………. and stocking up on embellishments.

So much time is spent on organization, I rarely spend any time at home scrapping or stamping. And once I do have everything put away in some kind of logical order, I find myself attending a crop. Which of course means taking things out of their spots and packing them in bags.

Last January I splurged, and bought myself a Memory Dock Creative Dock:  For anyone unfamiliar, it’s basically a 3-ring binder with special insert pages. The pages have a pocket for up to 12 x 12 paper, with additional pockets on the front to hold photos and embellishments – basically all the things you need to finish a specific layout in one place.  I’ve seen additional similar products hitting the market since I purchased the Creative Dock, and I think that’s a good thing. It’s nice to pack up my binder, along with a basic tool kit, and walk out the door feeling I’m actually organized enough to get something done. I’ll be using it on Saturday again. I’ll let you know how much I accomplish!