Toilet Paper Casting

Supplies needed:

  • toilet paper
  • liquid starch
  • spritzer bottle
  • Rub & Buff
  • Perfect Paper Adhesive
  • Radiant Pearls
  • deeply etched rubber stamp

Mix 1 part liquid starch to 2 parts water in the spritzer bottle. Place the stamp face up. Put a piece of tp on it.  Spray the tp with the starch mixture. Gently press the tp into the stamp. At this point, the paper is very fragile – take your time and go slowly. Add a couple more pieces of tp. Slowly press and smooth. Use your fingers to mold the tp into the crevices of the stamp. Continue to build layers, adding tp and starch, until you can no longer see any of the crevices of the stamp. Let dry. When the paper is completely dry, it will simply pop off the stamp.  Seal with Perfect Paper Adhesive using your fingers. Decorate with Rub & Buff, Radiant Pearls, or both.